1. We are unable to accommodate to your request for cancellation once the item has been shipped. 

  2. If multiple items are ordered, each order invoice will state the items that are expected to be inside. Please check the order invoices from each part of the order to make sure nothing is missed. 

    Please reach out to us at support@o2nails.com.my if some items are missing in the parcel by providing us the order number and the missing item’s name. We will investigate the matter right away. 

    Our Order Tracking Tool is able to check the status of each ordered item online. 

  3. If multiple items are ordered, the items might come from a different warehouse. Thus, there will be individual emails sent for different items depending on the current status of the item from a different location. 

  4. O2nails.com.my does not provide a self-service delivery location to pick up orders. 


  1. Once the ordered item has been shipped, it will arrive within the promised delivery time frame of 1–6 business days. 

    Note: The tracking number of that order will be available on the courier tracking site in the next 24 hours, as the item has only just been shipped. 

  2. Our courier partners are unable to deliver during weekends or public holidays. Please expect to receive the parcel on working days only. 

  3. The item will arrive at the promised delivery date provided when your order was confirmed. We are unable to speed up the delivery. 

  4. Delivery times are influenced by product availability and the courier partner’s delivery schedule in the location that was provided. We are unable to provide you with an exact date and time of the delivery. 

  5. We are unable to schedule deliveries. However, it is possible to coordinate with our courier partner once the item is “Shipped” to schedule according to each preference. 

  6. A letter of authorization needs to be signed as a confirmation and to indicate a second party at the point of purchase to identify the person if no one is there to collect the parcel when it arrives.  
    Another solution is to inform us through our customer service immediately after purchase. The third party should present a valid ID along with the letter of authorization from the buyer. 

  7. O2Nails.com.my will deliver the order following the address that has been provided during checkout, whether it is a house address or office address. 

  8. O2Nails.com.my can deliver to all serviceable areas. 
    We work in partnership with Ta-Q-Bin and also have our own delivery team to serve our customers best.  

  9. International shipment is not available at the moment.